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Deluxe Mobile Apps for your business

Discover how effective mobile marketing can enhance your business, bring in more customers, and increase your social media presence overnight! You will get up to 10 Options of your choice and a custom app for your business.
* build loyalty
* Promotion.
* reinforce your brand
* increase your visibility
* increase your accessibility
* increase sell-through
* increase exposure across mobile devices
* connect you with on-the-go consumers
There are more of course. The bottom line is everyone is mobile !!!
The future of your business depends on your ability to get your business on the phones of customers. You need to go mobile if you want to compete and grow.
Not only will your mobile app be an affordable marketing tool. It will help get people returning to your website, but it will also allow you to engage with your customers in a whole new way.
*Mobile Reservations
Make it convenient for users to schedule reservations when they’re on the go.
*Mobile Food Ordering
Gives patrons a new buying experience by making it easy to place orders while on the go.
*Mobile Commerce
Add a fully customizable Mobile Commerce Platform to your app. Integrate easily with Shopify, Volusion and Magenta.
*Music Player
Benefit from having the flexibility to either provide free music or iTunes uploads to your app.
*Loyalty Program
Establish a loyalty program to your business and keep customers coming back.
Photo Gallery
Events Tab
YouTube Channel
Custom Forms
Social Fan Wall
Score Card
GPS Coupons
Push Notifications
*Mortgage Calculator
Add a mortgage calculator to your app and easily calculate loan payments from terms and interest rates.
Loyalty Program
GPS Navigation
Mobile Reservations
Instant Dialing
GPS Navigation
Allow users the latest software for navigating.
*Instant Dialing
Make it easy for people to make contact by including a one-touch dialing feature.
*Share Feature
Let your audience do the talking. Include a share tab in your app to create viral exposure.
Music Player
Mobile Commerce
Mobile Food Ordering
*Photo Gallery
Provide a photo gallery to your app and display your latest products and/or services.
*Events Tab
Keep customers active by advising them of single or recurring special events.
*YouTube Channel
Integrate video into your app directly from YouTube Channel.
*Custom Forms
Maintain client histories from lead capture to customer service by creating your own forms.
*Score Card
Create a mobile app score card that users can share with friends on their social network.
*GPS Coupons
Entice users with special promotions utilizing the GPS Check-in feature.
*Push Notifications
Stimulate traffic to your app by sending instant alerts and announcements to your customers.
*Social Fan Wall
Create a social experience and gather feedback from your users utilizing a social fan wall.
Contact Info
Mortgage Calculator
App Information
Take Photos Feature
Add information like resources, products or service listings to the app.
*Take Photo Feature
Create a fun mobile app experience by letting your users create and send photos.
*Contact Info
Make it easy to call, email and locate your business with a simple contact feature.
QR Coupons
Blog Integration
Mailing List
Tip Calculator
*QR Coupons
Allow your users to unlock featured coupons by adding a QR coupon tab in your app.
*Blog Integration
Connect your RSS feed directly to the app for up-to-date blogging.
*Mailing List
Add to your mailing list by offering a sign-up-to-newletter form. Connects to tons of 3rd party platforms.
*Tip Calculator
Parties or individuals can calculate their tip amounts conveniently through the mobile app.
Over 50 Native Features & Integrations
If you need more that 10 features you can add up to 5 more for a small fee.

  • Why Mobile Business app for your business
  • Promotional email messages receive about a 4% read rate. PUSH notifications 97%. NOTE
Complete Mobile Solution

A Complete mobile App and mobile website solution for you business. Its time to explode your business.

Addon - DeluxeMobileApps Feature - Max up to 5 more

Our DeluxeMobileApps product includes up to 10 features by default. If you need a few more you can add up to 5 more for a maximum of 15.

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